As the world is facing the outbreak of COVID-19,  we wish to reassure you that your wellbeing is our highest priority.

18 May

Dear Guest,

We are especially delighted to be able to welcome you to the De L’Europe Amsterdam hotel. We hope you will enjoy all the good things that Original Amsterdam Luxury has to offer.

Please be aware that your health and well-being will be our top priority during your stay. In this protocol, we would like to take the opportunity to inform you about the social-distancing measures we are taking in order to guarantee this. We would also like to ask for your cooperation in observing these measures and the rules of conduct associated with them. This will enable us to work with you to make your stay and that of your fellow guests as safe and pleasant as possible.

The protocol has been compiled according to the hygiene rules for hotels and hospitality issued by the Dutch National Institute for Public Health and the Environment (RIVM). The protocol can be found here.

We wish you a very pleasant stay,

De L’Europe Amsterdam

15 March 2020 – 18:00

Due to the latest developments regarding COVID-19 (coronavirus), we have closed our restaurants and bar until further notice, by order of the Dutch government.

13 March 2020 – 16:30

As future guest of De L’Europe Amsterdam, you have trusted us to provide you with the Original Amsterdam Luxury experience, in all comfort and safety. Now the world is facing the outbreak of COVID-19,  we wish to reassure you that your wellbeing is our highest priority.

In these uncertain times, please know that we have taken a series of additional precautions to protect you, those dear to you and our team.

As you can expect from us, our team has enhanced our cleaning and hygiene standards and we are compliant to the latest regulations from Dutch government and health authorities. This includes amongst others the disinfecting of doorknobs, telephones, remote controls and all bathroom appliances, twice daily. Air purifiers equipped with filters trapping 99.9% of all bacteria will be available for your bedroom on request.

We have limited the amount of people being in the same public space within the hotel. This means that we have limited availability in our restaurants. In addition, we have provided the table arrangements with more spacing distance.

Our skilled staff is trained to maintain the highest level of personal hygiene in order to guarantee all food and health standards. In addition, at the start of every shift, we check the temperature of every staff member in the interest of their health and that of others.

May I reassure you that we closely monitor the situation and follow the instructions received by the Dutch Health Authority (RIVM) to the letter.

De L’Europe Amsterdam has been the authentic luxury destination for seasoned travelers and locals alike, ever since 1896. It is what lovers of the true and beautiful have been calling home for more than a century. This is the direct result of our dedicated practice of Original Amsterdam Luxury and always putting our guests first.

With this information we hope to have given you peace of mind and look forward to welcoming you to De L’Europe Amsterdam. If you do wish to re-schedule your stay, we will be flexible and understanding with re-planning your stay.

If you have any questions concerning your stay, your itinerary or for anything we can assist you with, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Truly yours,

E.J.J. Leenders
Managing Director