Corporate Social Responsibility

At De L' Europe Amsterdam we strive to provide the best service possible while integrating social and environmental concerns into our business operations and interactions with all the stakeholders. Acting socially responsible towards our guests, our staff, the wider community and towards our environment is an integral part of our service excellence.

We're proud to say that we were the first Five Star hotel in Amsterdam to be honoured with the highest award from the internationally recognised Green Key Eco Label. Since then, we inspired numerous other hotels to follow suit.

We also have undertaken a wide range of initiatives in an effort to measure and manage our impact on the environment. De L' Europe Amsterdam underwent extensive renovations in 2011 which allowed us to evaluate our contribution to a greener planet. The areas evaluated are, amongst many others, effective waste management
throughout all hotel operations, transportation, procurement and water management.

De L'Europe complies with the following agreements of the Green Key Eco Label
- We actively contribute to development of our profession and the sharing of knowledge to others who want to learn this profession
- We inform our guests and suppliers that we are corporate socially responsible
- We make clear arrangements with guests and suppliers about the quality of our product and how we monitor the quality
- We determine the social impact of our services and limit these as much as possible as far as it concerns a negative impact, such as fraudulent conduct, harassment and exploitative child labor
- We monitor both the continuity of our company and those of the employee and we ensure that facilities are provided in case we are confronted with loss of income
- We voluntary provide a contribution to civil society objectives through donations and sponsoring and/or by volunteering
- We continuously work on reducing the environmental impact and increasing the sustainability of our business
- We continuously work on improving our own purchasing process and focus particularly on goods and services that are sustainable, preferably provided with an environmentally sustainability and/or social label