Executive Chef Bas van Kranen, the Michelin-starred chef of the hotel’s Restaurant Bord’Eau, has launched the new season focusing on exquisite taste. Van Kranen presents his new menu divided over three seasons instead of four and will not be cooking in courses but in taste profiles to stimulate the taste buds of every guest.

Van Kranen’s great interest in a pure, light cuisine, combined with his strong affinity for vegetables and fish and his need for more sustainable alternatives, led him to divide his kitchen into three seasons: Eau (fish, crustaceans and shellfish), Flore (vegetable origin) and Faune (game and organic meat). Van Kranen loves to eat at a restaurant where there is a real choice in a menu, so he was determined that his guests should have that same freedom of choice at Restaurant Bord’Eau. This fact led to an intensive search for ways in which he could offer everyone at the table – whether it is fish, meat or vegetables – a complete identical taste experience.

Thus an intense test and design process began in which no courses, but taste profiles were created. More than hundred dishes later, Van Kranen succeeded in abstracting seven profiles in Bord’Eau’s test kitchen: Stimulating, Elegant, Floral, Aromatic, Intense, Ripe and Fruit. Within these profiles he has created refined, balanced dishes that, even though other products have been used, are in exactly the same line in terms of taste perception.

“At Bord’Eau it is not the chef, but the guest who leads at all times. It is up to us to do everything in our power to ensure that the guests’ choice for one or the other in no way detracts from the experience or from what I want to convey as a chef”, Bas van Kranen.

Van Kranen, 29 years old, found his passion for cooking and gastronomy at a young age. Throughout his education, he has accumulated experience in a great variety of renowned (Michelin) restaurants, where he developed his technique, creating the chef he is today.