Home suite home #1 - De L'Europe Amsterdam

Home Suite Home

Coco Chanel lived in a hotel for many years, just like simone de beauvoir. I, Madame De L’Europe, followed their example and became a resident of the iconic, newly restyled hotel De L’Europe.

Sometime life is just really good. Like when I was recently asked whether I would like to come and live at hotel De L’Europe Amsterdam for a while. The hotel has plans. It wants to welcome interesting guests in the near future. Guests who not only stay for a few nights, but also for a few months, or even years. Who have breakfast, lunch and dinner in the hotel. Stretch out on their private balcony to catch some sunrays. Guests who work there, have business appointments, drink coffee in the lobby or have a cocktail shaken there in the evening. Living in a hotel? Why didn’t I come up with that?

Gabrielle Chanel op het balkon van haar Ritz-suite in Parijs, 1937