D/DOCK Suite

Escape the bustle in style. Soothing and serene, the D/DOCK suite serves as a quiet retreat in a pulsating metropolis. Every detail has been curated with a zen sensibility — from custom made futons and tatamis to calming aromatherapy pillows. This peaceful atmosphere is enhanced by consciously chosen objects that embody tranquillity, such as sculptural vases, delicate paper lanterns, and authentic Japanese tableware. Experience the luxury of quietude.

In-suite experience

Step into Suite 242 and immerse yourself in the avant-garde vision of D/DOCK. Breaking away from conventional design norms, the Suite offers an unparalleled experience where creativity knows no bounds. Rather than conforming to traditional notions of functionality, D/DOCK liberates the space from predefined narratives, ushering limitless exploration. Francesco Messori’s ingenious approach challenges the very essence of a living space, daring to remove familiar fixtures like tables, beds, or chairs. Guests are invited to embark on a journey of reimagined spatial dynamics, where every corner teems with possibility.

Out-suite experience

The Unmapped Amsterdam Guide — D/DOCK. In line with their unconventional experience in Suite 242, we want to spark our guests’ curiosity and inspire them to explore Amsterdam in an intuitive and emotional way. Eventually, every place we discover is always unique to ourselves, even though we share them with countless other people. We attach our personal feelings and unique unrepeatable moments, including smells, sounds, clouds, and emotions inside us. We are attracted by the inner narrative that places can transmit, mostly when this is hidden. Like liminal spaces, where the abundance or absence of references will force us to complete the narrative ourselves, to construct a meaningful answer, to uncover other perspectives, and thus to enrich both a place and our own soul. The Unmapped Amsterdam Guide is a map without ways but instead full of stories about places we have a connection with personally. We invite our guests to get lost and discover their own memorable places and moments — and contribute to our story.

D/DOCK Suite - De L'Europe Amsterdam (6)

Room Amenities

  • 65 – 85 square metres
  • Organic COCO-MAT mattress
  • Luxurious down bedding featuring various pillow choices
  • Satin bed linens boasting a 400 thread count
  • Plush terry towels and bathrobes for added comfort
  • Diptyque bathroom amenities for a touch of indulgence
  • Twice-daily housekeeping service to ensure a pristine environment
  • In-room amenities include a Nespresso® coffee maker with complimentary pods and a stocked refrigerated bar
  • Daily provision of complimentary bottle of water
  • Safety deposit box equipped with an electric outlet for laptops
  • Enjoy the warmth of a heated bathroom floor
  • Complimentary high-speed Wi-Fi for seamless connectivity

Special Request

We are delighted to accommodate your special request. Your comfort is our priority, and we look forward to ensuring a pleasant experience for you.