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An Amsterdam family experience

Amsterdam is the perfect family holiday destination for families with children of every age. The capital city of the Netherlands offers several fun, exciting and educating activities.

Our family-oriented concierge team is looking forward to being your personal guide and making your Amsterdam visit a family experience to remember.


The National Maritime Museum invites visitors to discover how the sea has shaped Dutch culture, with 500 years of maritime history. Furthermore, a unique replica of the Dutch East India Company (VOC) ship is moored at the museum for visitors to climb and explore. The museum is the perfect attraction for children, as they offer a variety of exhibitions designed just for kids.

Entrance for ages 3 and under is free of charge.

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Time to combine fun and educating at NEMO Science Museum, where young and old gets introduced to the world of science and technology using interactive approaches. Its five floors are filled with exhibitions, theatre performances, films, workshops and demonstrations. Furthermore, NEMO’s sloping roof offers a fantastic view over Amsterdam city center.

Entrance for ages 3 and under is free of charge.

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ARTIS Amsterdam Royal Zoo is the oldest zoo in the Netherlands. Stroll through the historical city park with its centuries-old trees and wealth of plants as you visit the several species. Make sure not to miss Micropia, next to Artis, to explore the invisible life of microorganisms. You might want to take a break at the adjacent café-restaurant de Plantage afterwards.

Entrance for ARTIS for ages 2 and under is free of charge.

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The Tropenmuseum exhibits objects from all over the world, each with its own story. The museum offers a concept especially for children. This program is renowned for its appealing museum concept of stimulating an open perspective on the world.

Entrance for ages 3 and under is free of charge.

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Step into Van Gogh’s world. Vincent van Gogh was one of the dutch masters during the golden age. Extend your visit with a family tour, discover Vincent’s suitcase, go on a treasure hunt or become a van Gogh too with one of the workshops.

Entrance for ages 18 and under is free of charge.

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A playground like no other! Located on the northwest edge of Westerpark, adventurous children can get their hands dirty and learn more about nature. Watch your children play and make friends as you overlook them with your drink on the terrace.

Entrance for ages under 13 is free of charge.

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With Amsterdam’s broad assortment and fashion sense, why not go shopping with your little ones? Our concierge team has gathered a few kids fashion stores you would not want to miss. Immerse in irresistible footwear at Donsje, fashionable clothing at Teuntje or Spanish fashion at Pili Carrera. End your shopping day with a Dutch treat at ‘Het Oud-Hollandsch Snoepwinkeltje’.


Where should you eat with the kids out of all possibilities in Amsterdam? Our concierge recommends visiting Blender, a child-friendly café and concept store with a large play area. Another option is to take the ferry to Pllek, which offers a creative childrens program every Sunday afternoon. Don’t miss out on the child’s favourite tasty MOAK pancakes, which has several locations throughout Amsterdam.


More than 4000 square meter of fun for children located in a former traffic tunnel in the center of Amsterdam. Immerse in the ball pit, enjoy climbing attractions or slide off one of the many slides in the old traffic tunnel. Tunfun is the place to bring your kids when they want to play around. The indoor playground is full of fun and exciting attractions for children up to 11 years and for the parents.


For more information regarding the family activities in Amsterdam, please do not hesitate to contact our talented Concierge team.
They would be happy to assist you with arranging your Amsterdam itinerary for you and the entire family.

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