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Chapter 1


Travelling all the way back in time to 1482, we find ourselves in a much smaller and more vulnerable Amsterdam. To defend the city, citizens built a wall with a for tress around it and named one of its main towers ‘Het Rondeel’. This stood exactly where De L’Europe Amsterdam stands today. Later, in 1535 , the city expanded and the tower lost its initial purpose. For the next 1 00 years, the tower remained intact, but not in use. In 1638 an Inn opened that was built par tly on the foundations of the for t. This simple guest house later adorned the side along the Amstel with a wall decorated with Renaissance flair. Af ter numerous closures and renovations, Het Rondeel re-opened on the 28th of September 1845 in possession of Mr. H. J . Wolters. He believed the guest house to be suitable for business clients as well as for families. Under his leadership, Het Rondeel became the first hotel in Amsterdam that ser ved and catered to families.

Chapter 2


In 1894, Het Rondeel was auctioned and it fell into the hands of the Mortgage bank. The building remained empty for two years before the Dutch Hotel Company decided it was time to demolish the building and replace it with a new hotel. At the time, Hotel de L’Europe was a hotel situated on the Prins Hendrikkade. The Dutch Hotel Company offered to buy this hotel, under the condition that it would gift its name to the newly built
hotel along the Amstel River, and cease to exist as a hotel.

Mr. H. Martins, previously Managing Director of the Hotel de L’Europe at the Prins Hendrikkade, was now appointed the new Managing Director of Hotel de L’Europe in the Nieuwe Doelenstraat. On September 23rd of 1896 , the building first opened its doors as Hotel De L’Europe. Throughout the century, the hotel went through several expansions and refurbishments, always keeping up with the latest luxuries and successfully establishing itself as a world-class destination.

Chapter 3


In the 1950’s, Hotel De L’Europe opened her heart and her doors to Alfred ‘Freddy’ Heineken. As he frequented the hotel, he fell in love with the monumental building and the sophisticated atmosphere. He eventually decided to buy the hotel making De L’Europe the first and only family-owned luxury hotel in Amsterdam.

By 1992, after several minor renovations, the hotel was able to offer guests the following accommodations: 100 rooms with all modern conveniences, two restaurants, a bar, a terrace on the Amstel river, several halls, a fitness centre, a shop, and a business centre. Today the hotel is proudly owned by the HEINEKEN company.

Chapter 4


In 2020 De L’Europe went through a complete redesign, bringing in all modern luxuries while still honouring the rich history. Dutch-based interior designers ‘The Nicemakers’ were responsible for the restyling of the rooms, public areas, private event rooms, three restaurants, and the bar.

The goal of the redesign was to create a timeless, classic interior design that feels familiar at the same time. In the same year the opening of the creative wing, ‘ t Huys, was announced. This is a place where Dutch masters of art, design, and luxury come together under one roof.

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