Private event rooms

All of our private event rooms are exquisitely designed to host elegant and memorable events, from luxurious company soirees to intimate family gatherings.


Experience our passion for impeccable service and fine dining in one of the extraordinary event rooms. The four elegantly-decorated rooms are designed to resemble the atmosphere of stately Amsterdam canal houses. Building a bridge between the past and the present, they are finished with luxury design details, lush fabrics and rich materials. All rooms overlook the historic city centre and provide stunning, unrivalled views of the iconic Amstel River.

De L’Europe Amsterdam, home to remarkable Original Amsterdam Luxury events.



W 7.6m x D 11.9m x H 3.63m | 90m2 | Max. 90 guests

The love of craftsmanship and stately character that defines De L’Europe is best epitomised in the Spiegelkamer. The room boasts bespoke wallpaper made with natural materials and metal in a light green hue, which seamlessly blends in with the decor’s warm tones, itself inspired by the adjacent Amstel river.


 W 7.3m x D 11.6m x H 4.21m | 85m2 | Max. 70 guests 

Monumental grandeur and contemporary influences come together in the Heineken room. The interior is a contemporary translation of traditional Amsterdam canal houses, combining modern design details with classical elements.


 W 5.3m x D 7.5m x H 4.17m | 40m2 | Max. 12 guests 

The most intimate private dining room is a contemporary take on grand 19-century Amsterdam canal house dining rooms, with its matching antique furniture and luxurious fabrics. A special experience that’s perfect for a smaller group.


 W 5.9m x D 14.4m x H 4.64m | 85m2 | Max. 24 guests 

A room fit for royalty. With its high ceilings, original decorative features and gold leaf infused interior, the Prince’s Room is just that. Whether for an intimate dinner or a wedding ceremony, this room easily transforms any event into something special.

Concept store

 W 5.7m x D 14m x H 3.63m | 80m2 | Max. 60 guests 

A literary haven that seamlessly blends nostalgia and modern sophistication, The concept store In-Huys is a captivating rendezvous of refined elegance. With its timeless charm and contemporary allure, this enchanting room transports you into a world of literary treasures and cultural richness. Making it the perfect venue for your gatherings.

Marie’s Sundeck

 W 4m x D 8m | 50m2 | Max. 35 guests 

Step onto Marie’s Sundeck and discover the prestigious and private extension of our iconic terrace. This beautiful, secluded area is perfect for outdoor private dining and intimate receptions. Discover an array of exclusive boat rental partners, perfect for enjoying summer drinks or cozy gatherings in winter. Our terrace at Marie offers easy docking access, where we’ll warmly welcome you and guide you to your private event room. Experience the authentic charm of Amsterdam’s canals, with a chance to explore the city’s highlights and hotspots from the water. Additionally, our sundeck features its own docking area, providing a seamless boat-to-terrace experience for our guests.

Special Request

Do you have specific preferences for your request or are you interested in reserving our restaurants or bars? Feel free to contact us, as we thrive on creativity and tailoring solutions that suit your event perfectly. We’re excited to brainstorm and offer what aligns best with your needs.


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    Where are the event rooms located?

    The event rooms are all located on the ground floor and easily accessible.

    Are there possibilities of hosting an event in one of your hotel rooms?

    There are several possibilities of hosting an event in one of our beautiful hotel rooms, such as a private dinner, a reception etc.

    What type of AV is available in the event spaces?

    We provide complimentary the use of a beamer with screen, a microphone, a conference phone without a camera and a tv-screen. If you have any other specific preferences, we could arrange those for you as well, with a supplement.

    Is it possible to play our own music?

    It is possible to play your own music via a Bluetooth connection. 

    Do you provide decoration services?

    We do provide decoration services via our partner The Wunderkammer.

    Until what time could we play music?

    You could play music until 23:00h in the event spaces. If you prefer to enjoy the music a little longer, this could be possible as long as you also reserve the hotel rooms above the event space.

    Could you arrange a boat tour for us?

    We could arrange a boat tour for you in order to make your event even more special.

    What type of menu do you offer?

    We offer a menu which is based on the French Cuisine.

    Do you offer a buffet?

    We could offer a working lunch, which includes luxe sandwiches and a salad. Moreover, we could also host a private breakfast buffet in the event spaces.

    Is there a vegetarian/vegan option available?

    We take any dietary restrictions into account when preparing the menu.

    Could we arrange our own catering?

    It is not possible to arrange your own catering in our event spaces.