House Rules

House Rules

To ensure a great stay for guests as well as a great working environment for staff, De L’Europe kindly asks you to comply with our rules and regulations. In case rules and/or regulations are unclear or when in doubt the management has the authority to take decisions on all matters . Failing to comply may lead to direct removal from our premises without restitution or compensation of any kind.

Always follow the instructions of our staff.

Please be considerate to others in terms of behavior and privacy, treat staff as well as other guests with dignity and respect. Under no circumstances unlawful acts and/or disrespectful behavior of any kind towards other guests or staff will be tolerated.

A valid ID will be required upon check-in.

The minimum age of reserving, paying, and staying in rooms is 18 years. Minors must be accompanied by a parent / guardian of minimal 25 years of age. Any visitors must be registered at our reception.
Store valuables in a responsible manner and make use of the safe provided.

De L’Europe and/or its owners or staff cannot be held responsible for any loss or damages of any kind.
The use of open fire and smoking in rooms is prohibited. When failing to comply Hotel de L’Europe will charge an amount of €350 for cleaning costs. The removal of and/or tempering with fire detection equipment is not allowed. In case your room has a balcony, smoking is only allowed outside. Please dispose of butts and ashes responsibly.

Appropriate attire is mandatory on all locations and occasions.

You will be held liable for any damage or loss caused by you or others in your party.
It is not allowed to possess, use or sell prohibited drugs, substances and/or related products on our premises.
Hotel staff reserves the right to access any guest room at any given time for security purposes.
In case of (suspected) fraud, theft or other breaches of law Hotel de L’Europe will actively cooperate with the authorities responsible.

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Throughout Hotel de L’Europe premises CCTV is used for everyone’s safety and security.

Filming for other than personal use is not allowed without written permission of our Director of Marketing or Managing Director

Recording people (secretly) is prohibited under Dutch law (eg art. 139f en g Wetboek van Strafrecht)

Please check our site for more information on these subjects: