Family time


As the first hotel in Amsterdam to welcome families, De L’Europe understands the importance of togetherness. With connecting rooms, a wide array of culinary delights, and enchanting, family-friendly experiences waiting just outside our doorstep, De L’Europe Amsterdam is the ideal destination for quality time spent together.


Little Bernie, the delightful children’s travel guide, serves as a captivating gateway to the enchanting city of Amsterdam. This whimsical character takes young adventurers on a magical journey through the iconic streets and landmarks of the Dutch capital, showcasing the city’s vibrant culture, rich history, and family-friendly attractions. With animated tales and engaging content, Little Bernie brings Amsterdam to life, introducing children to the wonders of the city’s canals, tulip-filled landscapes, and bustling markets. Through this charming travel experience, Little Bernie not only entertains but also educates, fostering a love for exploration and cultural discovery in the hearts of the youngest travellers.


With a wide range of restaurants, we ensure there’s always a perfect fit for younger kids with varying tastes. From nutritious and playful choices to classic favourites, our culinary selection provides a delightful array, making every dining experience tailored to the preferences of our youngest guests.

Feeling a little peckish? Enjoy exceptional culinary offerings of our restaurants in the privacy of your room or suite. Order an elaborate breakfast while lingering in one of our lush beds, or opt for an unforgettable intimate dining table setup. Indulge in everything from international classics to distinct local specialities—our menu caters to all palates, including those of the littlest guests. 

Prestige Suite - De L'Europe Amsterdam


Enjoy proximity to loved ones or relatives, while maintaining the comfort of personal space. Our family-friendly suites easily accommodate expansion, with ensuite rooms opening onto each other, and are well-appointed for the needs of those traveling with children or multigenerational groups.

Treasure Time

Embark on an exciting treasure hunt at the Van Gogh Museum, where art and adventure collide. Navigate through the iconic galleries, following clues to discover hidden treasures, creating a dynamic and immersive experience that adds an extra layer of excitement to your visit.

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Special Request

We are delighted to accommodate your special request. Your comfort is our priority, and we look forward to ensuring a pleasant experience for you.


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Is it possible to have an extra bed in the room?

It is possible to have connecting rooms from a premium deluxe room category onwards. The charges for an extra bed are €65 per extra bed. Please bear in mind that this is excluding city tax and breakfast.

What is the children policy at De L’Europe Amsterdam?

Breakfast: Children aged 0-3 enjoy breakfast free of charge. For those aged 4-8, breakfast is available for €19.50. Guests aged 9 or older can have breakfast at the regular rate of €45.
Extra Bed: De L’Europe provides an extra bed free of charge for children up to 12 years old.

Is there a possibility to book connecting rooms?

Yes, the hotel has several rooms that can be connected; please contact our department for bookings.

From which room type a baby bed is allowed?

As of Premium Deluxe Room.

If I have a family of 5 or more what kind of rooms do I need to reserve?

You can reserve the connetion rooms. The hotel has several rooms that can be connected; please contact our department for bookings.