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At De L’Europe Amsterdam, our commitment to social responsibility is deeply ingrained in our ethos. As trailblazers in sustainable hospitality, we proudly earned the Green Key distinction in 2006, becoming the first five-star hotel to do so. This achievement underscores our unwavering dedication to environmental stewardship and operating in harmony with our surroundings. While celebrating this milestone, we recognized that the journey towards true sustainability is ongoing. Constantly evolving, we innovate to reduce our ecological footprint. In 2023, De L’Europe was recognized by Leading Hotels of the World as a Sustainability Leader, a testament to our commitment in hospitality, particularly in community, culture, and environmental responsibility. To stay at the forefront of green initiatives, we’ve established an internal green team for positive change across all operations.

Recognizing the profound impact of food waste on our planet, we’ve taken significant steps to minimize it in kitchens and restaurants. Through thoughtful planning, we aim to curtail waste while ensuring a memorable dining experience. The transformation of Bord’Eau, a two Michelin-star restaurant, to Flore reflects this philosophy. At Flore, seasonality and local produce are at the core of each gastronomic creation. In 2022, nine months after opening, their innovative dishes and commitment earned two Michelin stars and the Michelin Green Star.

Discover our latest addition, ‘t Huys, where local craftsmanship and creativity genuinely thrive. This initiative allows guests to get up close with the city’s essence, providing partners a home for their artistry.

Additionally, we’ve consciously embraced eco-friendly alternatives throughout our establishment. Our sustainability journey is a collective endeavor, and we invite guests to join us in creating a brighter, more sustainable world. Together, we can make a meaningful difference for our planet and future generations.


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Does De L’Europe Amsterdam have any environmental certifications?

De L’Europe’s sustainability efforts have been acknowledged by external certifications, including the highest level of Green Key standards, Gold Level, as well as the Sustainability Leader program of Leading Hotels of the World. These designations serve as a testament to our commitment to excellence in community, culture, and environmental responsibility.

How does De L’Europe Amsterdam encourage ethical traveling?

At De L’Europe Amsterdam we embrace local culture and craftmanship. Whether it’s in the local partners featured in concept store IN-HUYS, our produce sourcing at restaurant Flore or the recommendations by our Concierge team, we always offer the best our communities have to offer.

What is De L’Europe Amsterdam’s social impact?

As part of our strong believe in responsible tourism, at De L’Europe Amsterdam we display and collaborate with local talent. We offer workspaces for young artists and positively impact our local communities with local partnerships, community outreach, initiatives and events, and donations.