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Private Event Rooms

All Of Our Private Event Rooms Are Exquisitely Designed To Host Elegant And Memorable Events, From Luxurious Company Soirees To Intimate Family Gatherings.

The setting

Experience our passion for impeccable service and fine dining in one of the  extraordinary event rooms. The four elegantly-decorated rooms are designed to resemble the atmosphere of stately Amsterdam canal houses. Building a bridge between the past and the present, they are finished with luxury design details, lush fabrics and rich materials. All rooms overlook the historic city centre and provide stunning, unrivalled views of the iconic Amstel River.

De L’Europe Amsterdam, home to remarkable Original Amsterdam Luxury events.

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The love of craftsmanship and stately character that defines De L’Europe is best epitomised in the Spiegelkamer. The room boasts bespoke wallpaper made with natural materials and metal in a light green hue, which seamlessly blends in with the decor’s warm tones, itself inspired by the adjacent Amstel river.


Monumental grandeur and contemporary influences come together in the Heineken room. The interior is a contemporary translation of traditional Amsterdam canal houses, combining modern design details with classical elements.


The most intimate private dining room is a contemporary take on grand 19-century Amsterdam canal house dining rooms, with its matching antique furniture and luxurious fabrics. A special experience that’s perfect for a smaller group.


A room fit for royalty. With its high ceilings, original decorative features and gold leaf infused interior, the Prince’s Room is just that. Whether for an intimate dinner or a wedding ceremony, this room easily transforms any event into something special.


The ultimate destination for a magical wedding celebration, De L’Europe’s  blend of romance, luxury and authenticity will sweep every bride off her feet. Whether a rehearsal dinner, bridal luncheon or lavish reception, De L’Europe offers an unrivalled experience, complemented by sumptuous dining  and impeccable service.

Festive Events

Kickstart the festive spirit while experiencing our passion for impeccable service and fine dining in our extraordinary private event rooms. Merrily decorated, the intimate event rooms resemble the atmosphere of stately Amsterdam canal house and make for the perfect backdrop for all your memorable holiday moments to take place.


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