Salle Privée


Join us on a olfactory journey where scents weave tales of mood and memory, evoking a sensory symphony that elevates every experience.

house of design

As a House of design, Salle Privée epitomizes luxury with a distinct modernist sensibility. Beyond Salle Privée the brand has expanded its influence, curating an exquisite array of parfums that evoke Salle Privée and capture the essence of timeless elegance. In addition to fragrances, Salle Privée has ventured into the realm of iconic design, showcasing a commitment to crafting enduring and stylish products that transcend the ordinary.

The brand’s dedication to perfection is evident not only in its meticulous attention to detail but also in the creation of a comprehensive lifestyle experience, where parfums and design seamlessly coalesce into a harmonious expression of refined taste and contemporary luxury.

Salle Privée - 't Huys - Amsterdam

the designer duo

Anna Hegeman and Patrick Munsters form the dynamic and innovative designer duo behind SALLE PRIVÉE House of Design, a venture that took root in Amsterdam in 2018. Anna, with her distinct aesthetic ideals, collaborates seamlessly with Patrick, bringing his creative prowess and pioneering vision to the forefront. Their partnership has not only given rise to a new perspective on design and high-end fragrance but has also become a testament to the intersection of their individual philosophies.
Under the House of Design, Patrick Munsters, joined by Anna Hegeman, endeavours to use scent as a powerful tool to establish mood and emotion, showcasing their commitment to the concept of New Luxury—a harmonious blend of time, knowledge, and resources in the pursuit of acquiring products that resonate with a sense of design ingenuity. Together, they have cultivated a brand that resonates globally, appealing to individuals who share an appreciation for modern and timeless style.

Salle Privée - 't Huys - Amsterdam


Step into the world of the luxury house of design and fragrance brand when staying in the Salle Privée exquisite suite. Expressive of timelessness and nostalgia. The suite boasts a careful balancing act of reflection, straight lines, mid-century design, art and bold colours.

find your scent

Indulge in a scented journey by visiting the SALLE PRIVÉE boutique in Amsterdam South, where we can curate a unique scent experience just for you. The knowledgeable staff of SALLE PRIVÉE is ready to guide you through the exquisite collection, helping you discover the perfect fragrance that resonates with your individual taste and preferences.

Immerse yourself in the world of SALLE PRIVÉE, and let us tailor a sensory adventure that will unveil the ideal scent for your distinctive style.

Salle Privée - 't Huys - Amsterdam