The Top 5 Gardens of Amsterdam - De L'Europe Amsterdam


Amsterdam has a great deal of excellent sights; however, few get the chance to encounter the genuinely spectacular secret spots: hofjes, the Dutch interpretation of the secret gardens. Most of the hofjes (comparable to courtyards) are open to the public, but they are not always easy to find. They are hidden behind doors that appear to be access to ordinary houses. Whoever enters a courtyard experiences an oasis of peace where time seems to have stood still. Here is a rundown of some lovely secret gardens you would not want to miss in Amsterdam:

Van Brienenhofje

The Van Brienenhofje consists of a spacious garden surrounded by beautiful canal houses. In the middle of the courtyard you will find a water pump with a mysterious lantern enclosed by lovely hydrangeas in multiple colours.
Walking distance from the hotel: 20 minutes

Sint Adrieshofje

Built in 1616 the Sint Andrieshofje is one of the oldest courtyards in Amsterdam. Located in the Jordaan area by the Egelantiersgracht canal, the courtyard is concealed by a discrete front door that is easily missed – even by locals! You enter through a corridor lined with Delft Blue tiles.
Walking distance from the hotel: 21 minutes


The Karthuizerhofje was intended for widows (with children) and unmarried women. It is located in one of the quieter streets of the Jordaan. There are two 17th century water pumps with bronze spouts in the courtyard. Inside the hofje you can see the Amsterdam cog ship above the entrance gate. At the time of construction, this cog ship was the largest merchant vessel in The Netherlands. It was represented on the old Amsterdam city coat of arms. The current coat of arms of Amsterdam can be seen on the other side.
Walking distance from the hotel: 23 minutes

Claes Claeszhofje

This complex has no fewer than four courtyards, which are certainly not visible if you are in front of the entrance. The first courtyard is the old Claes Claeszhofje. The cloth merchant Claes Claeszoon Anslo had three houses in a garden behind the Egelantiersstraat where from 1616 he let elderly people live for free.
Walking distance from the hotel: 22 minutes


The Begijnhof, or Beguinage, is almost one metre lower than the rest of the city centre. Beguines were religious laymen, but the women did not take a monastery vow. In 1971 the last remaining Beguine died, sister Antonia. The Beguinage consists of small houses and a church, surrounded by a courtyard with two statues.
Walking distance from the hotel: 5 minutes

Drawing on years of local experience, our talented concierge team is eager to present you the scenic tour of the hofjes, all located in the historic centre of Amsterdam and in walking distance from De L’Europe. It is the perfect walking tour to discover the rich heritage of Amsterdam.

For more information on the Amsterdamse hofjes, please do not hesitate to contact our Concierge Team via [email protected].